Ella Rose

Hello there,

Yesterday, my family and I went to the Right To Life March, at the Georgia capital. Amie did a wonderful post about it here. You definitely need to read it!

Today, my sister Ella is guest posting. I hope you enjoy it!



HI! My name is Ella, and I`m Mandalynn’s 11 year old sister.

I guess I’ll tell you about myself, here goes.

Random Facts About me…

My middle name is Rose. 😎

My birthday is in October. Who wants to guess which day? Anyone???

I love Mandalynn`s story’s.

I jumped 1,020 pogo jumps in a row last week (I don’t recommend trying it, my arms still hurt)!

I positively LOVE horses.

I like to comment on blogs.

I like to do somersaults and handstands.

My favorite continent is Europe and one of my favorite languages besides English is French.

My favorite things to do are: playing outside, riding horses, writing my pen pals, listing to audio dramas and violin music (I love violins), reading especially my bible, watching movies, playing games, baking, cooking, running and acting. I love acting!

My sisters and our friends put on a musical Christmas play, December 2015, at our house.  My best friend and I got to act in it together, which was lots of fun! It was called Home for the Holidays and took place in an all-girls boarding school (because we didn’t have any guys that were willing to act in it. XD) We invited a few guests and had refreshments afterwards; we all had a great time!

My favorite subjects in school are geography and science.

One of my favorite things in my closet is my horse shirt, which I am wearing in the picture above.

I started designing a blog a few months ago but then decided against having one (I know, I know, all my fans out there are crying right now 😥 but maybe I’ll start one in a year or so. Who knows?)

I love to use emojis! 😌 🎨👶👧😋😜

I have a porcelain doll named Emily Ruth. The Ruth part is after my best friend and Emily is from The Little Princess story because the main character, Sarah, has a doll named Emily who looks a lot like my doll.

The Baker Family Adventure’s series are my favorite books ❤ If you don’t have them you need to go order one, now! Here is the link where you can buy them. What are you waiting for?

Well, I guess that’s as far as I’ll go. Thanks for having me guest post on your blog, Mandalynn!

I hope you liked this post, Ella

P.S. Don’t forget the Baker Family Adventure’s! 😉   


Your welcome, Ella! I enjoyed having you post.

Until next time, Mandalynn



Did you check out the Baker books?

Do like horses?  

Have you ever been in a play?

2 thoughts on “Ella Rose

  1. Hi, Ella!/ Mandalynn
    In answer to your questions.
    1. Ask your sister were she”meet” me…..
    2.our family LOVES horses we have 7 and I and some of my siblings have our own.
    3. Ues, I have been in a few plays.

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