Too Many Tags

If you read the title you know this is about tags. *sigh* Some of them are a bit old but I decided to finally get them over with in this post. The first tag up is... the eclipse tag! Rules... Thank the person who nominated you for this tag and link to their blog. Thank you … Continue reading Too Many Tags

Peek into My Life #2

So, I was on hiatus longer than I had planned but I'm back and I will hopefully be posting more soon. My life is kind of full right now, but I'll try to squeeze blogging in. I was thinking of what to post about and decided to look through some pictures for an idea. Across the … Continue reading Peek into My Life #2

Ella Rose

Hello there, Yesterday, my family and I went to the Right To Life March, at the Georgia capital. Amie did a wonderful post about it here. You definitely need to read it! Today, my sister Ella is guest posting. I hope you enjoy it!     HI! My name is Ella, and I`m Mandalynn’s 11 year old sister. … Continue reading Ella Rose