Doors To Our Memory

Imagine a door creaking open that has been boarded over. A layer of dust falls on you as you poke your head in. And the dust is words. All sorts of funny words that get tangled in your hair.

Painted on the door it says “a child’s thoughts” because that is what it is to you. And it makes me—I mean you— cringe. Until you realize that there is no shame in starting out.

And though that new room you live in now looks so polished, it may one day be abandoned for another. But you have only stopped in for a moment to leave a message behind, should anyone ever be curious about the old door.

That old door I bolted up is this blog. This old portfolio of words. I thought I’d creep in quickly to say that I have decided to start a new collection. Hoping to add a new sheaf of paper whenever I can.

So, perhaps I will see you at:


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