A Poll

Bonjour! Here is a poll for all my nice little followers to take so that I can know what posts you would like to read in the future. It will only take a few moments to do it, so if you read my blog regularly (that is, whenever I post) then take the poll! Have a good day, … Continue reading A Poll


My First Q&A!

All right, here it is! the post you have all been looking forward to: my first Q&A! I had a lot of fun answering all of your questions, so let's begin! Jac's questions... How did you first start blogging? I helped my sister, Jaclynn, set up her blog and I thought, "this is fun! I should start a … Continue reading My First Q&A!


I know all my faithful followers were crying their eyes out because I haven’t posted in three weeks. Am I right? Well, sorry about that. My family and I were gone traveling to a camp meeting and visiting some friends so I have been busy. My “cousin,” Amie, is doing a thing kind of like a … Continue reading LLIL