The Girl That Waved

Maria Allan was thirteen, with light brown hair that reached a bit below her waist and hazel green eyes.

She and her family lived in a small white house out among the rolling fields of Georgia. Not to faraway where she lived was an airport. Each day a dozen or more planes would fly by above Maria’s house.

She didn’t really know how she got started but it soon became her habit to wave to each plane that passed by. Whenever Maria was outside, picking wild black berries, climbing trees, playing tag, having water fights, or having picnics and heard that familiar drone of a plane engine, she looked up and waved. Sometimes, she wondered if the pilots ever saw her. It soon caught on with her younger brother and sisters and they all waved energetically when a plane passed by overhead.

Some evenings, when Maria and her eleven year old sister Mabel swung on the swing set; watching the sun go down in a brilliant burst of red, orange and yellow, they talked about the planes, and waved to them whenever one came in site.

One day the Allan’s left their home in Georgia and moved away, but Maria still remembered those planes and sometimes she almost wished she could be back in Georgia, waving at them as they flew by.

The End


This is a true story about me, I just changed the names around to make it more bookish.

If you liked the story comment down below and if you don’t like it, then, um, just answer one of the questions. But I hope that you do like it. XD

Soli Deo gloria, Mandalynn



Do you ever wave to planes?

Do you like to have water fights in the summer?   



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