About Me

Hi! Welcome to Books Baking & Writing! I’m Mandalynn.  I am a fifteen year old homeschooled girl, the fourth child in my family, and the second girl.

My father is an evangelist, so we travel around with him across the US when he preaches.

I read all the time, and yeah, people call me a book worm. (but I’m not particularly fond of that name. I don’t know, just something about being called a worm…)  My mom says, “If you want to know where Mandalynn is, just follow her path of books.” I know, they’re supposed to go on the shelf, but not everyone is perfect, right? I feel deeply sorry for those poor unfortunate few who don’t like reading. 😥

I’m also a writeaholic. Is that even a word?  I started writing when I was six, but was telling stories around age five. right now I am writing three different books, (that doesn’t include the countless ones that I started and didn’t finish) and am always having new ideas for ones running through my head.

And then I love to bake. I’ve mostly baked cookies, cheesecakes, brownies, fudge, and bars, but I do want to start trying my hand at more advanced things like chocolate roulade and raspberry tarts (Raspberries are my favorite berry by the way.)

And if you want to learn some random stuff about me, you can read this list

•  I have two older brothers who are politically minded. One of whom is currently managing a re-election campaign for Georgia state Senator Marty Harbin. I really enjoy learning about politics from my brothers and getting to volunteer on campaigns; whether it be phone banking, door knocking, or just going to the victory party!

• I love horses (my favorite breed are palominos) and will ride them any chance I get.

• The Las Angels Dodgers are my favorite Baseball team.

• Baseball is my favorite sport to watch or play.

• I  love Labradors and German Shepherds (no Chihuahuas!)

• I’ve always dreamed of living on a farm.

• I like to play my Irish tin whistle and also the piano.

• I enjoy making movies with my siblings and friends.

• I love learning about history! Life would be so dull without history!

• I like swimming (even though I don’t get to do it often)

• I have been to forty six states.

• My favorite season is… I don’t really know. I love summer because you can swim, catch fireflies, eat ice cream and watermelon, and watch fireworks. I love fall because the leaves change colors and you can snuggle up in a blanket and read while drinking tea, or bake things that are pumpkin and apple. then I love winter because of the snow, but we don’t get much snow where we live. so I’m not really sure what my favorite season is.

• I do know what my favorite holiday is: CHRISTMAS, definitely!

• My favorite colors are light pink, parrot yellow, and then sort of a mixture of turquoise, aqua, and mint.

• I have eight siblings: four brothers and four sisters.

• I would take cowgirl boots over tennis shoes any day!

• Snow is awesome! I love snow!

• Ice skating is fun!

• If I could go to any country I would go to Scotland! All the history there is so interesting!! Some of my favorite songs are Scottish, and one of my favorite quotes is, Dico tibi verum, libertas optima rerum, nunquam servili sub nexu vivito, fili, by William Wallace. That is Latin. If you want to know what it means look on my sidebar.

• My favorite fiction series is the Baker Family Adventures.  

• I know a bit of French and can sing the first verse of silent night in German.

• I like to practice speaking with an accent. Mostly English, French, or Scottish.

And I could probably write more, but this is quite long as it is and I don’t want to bore you,  or are you already bored? Oh well. XD I hope you enjoy this blog! Don’t forget to subscribe, and please leave a comment, but make sure that it glorifies God and has no foul language.

Soli Deo Gloria, Mandalynn  

P.S. A load of thanks to Amie for designing my beautiful header!   




25 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! I found your blog through Allison’s… You seem supper cool and I LOVE books too!!! I’m homeschooled and 14 as well 🙂 It’s so nice to meet you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Maddy! I just saw your comment.
      I am glad you are enjoying my blog 🙂 That’s neat! I will check out your blog!
      Thanks for following!!
      Adieu, Mandalynn


  2. Hi Mandalynn!
    I found your blog by being on Amie’s blog!
    You sound like a girl similar to me!
    I am the 3rd born of a family with 7 children, I’m home schooled, love music, food, and reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello, Mandalynn!
    I’m dropping in for a visit, and as I browsed you ‘about’ page, I discovered a few things:
    1. You and I have a lot in common (including the Christian, homeschooled teen and horse-loving part)
    2. FINALLY there’s another blogger who loves cowgirl boots and palominos!!!
    3. Yay, another person who loves Scotland and practicing accents!!! (though do not ask me to do my French accent. it turns into my Spanish accent very quickly.)

    I’m glad to meet you!
    -Kendra Lynne @ therealkendralynne.wordpress.com

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  4. Yay! Another Irish whistler! I play Irish penny whistle as well, along with being home schooled and being a Christian. I live on a farm in Alaska and have 2 horses though they aren’t palominos.

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  5. Hey Mandalynn!

    I just found your blog and thought I would say hello! So cool that you have 8 siblings. I have 7 and it is rare to find anyone with as many or more siblings!



  6. Hi Mandalynn, that is so cool that you like horses! I have my own horse and I love her! I also like German shepherds, cooking, swimming, and a bunch of the other things you listed!


  7. Hello, Mandalynn!

    I just discovered your blog and it looks wonderful! We actually have quite a few things in common. I’m a daughter of the King, blogger, homeschooled, likes horses (I’ve always wanted to ride one!), speaking with an English accent, and more. 😀


  8. Hey there! I am Amy! I a found your blogs and they are amazing! I love horses and German shepherds too! Also baking and reading… they are the best hobbies❤ I am a 12 year old christian beginner blogger who would love to be friends! Love u, Mandalynn (what a beautiful name)😊


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