I, Pencil

I read this very interesting essay and decided to share it with you all. It is very informative. Because of the length (and because I really hope you will read it in its entirety) I will break it into two parts, the other being posted on Saturday. Soli Deo gloria! ~Mandalynn~ Introduction by Lawrence W. Reed Eloquent. … Continue reading I, Pencil


Spiritual Self-Defense

I wanted to tell you all about a really great blog post I read. Actually, it is a series of six blog posts about spiritual self-defense. I would have reblogged it, but the website it's on won't let you or at least I can't figure it out, so here is the link I hope when you have … Continue reading Spiritual Self-Defense

The Long List of Tags

I’m reblogging this for my benefit only. XD

Crazy A

Guys, I really must be famous.  I have no idea if I’m even doing all the tags I’ve been tagged for.  *cries* People, you’re tagging me too much!  Or, it must just be I’m very slow.  Everyone tells me I should be fast with my huge feet and long legs.  Feet only help in swimming…And long legs need more blood and oxygen, so that’s my excuse why I’m tagged so much.  First up (at least, I think she tagged me first…) is Molly with the Liebster Award.  (AND NO, SPELLCHECK, it is NOT lobster.)

Now for the rules:

Tag rules:
Thank the blog that nominated you for the award. *nods*
Answer the questions they gave you.
Give 11 fun facts about yourself.
Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award, and give them 11 questions to answer.

From Molly

  1. Do you like snakes? Would you hold one?

Um, I get asked…

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Hello again! Just a quick post to say I am going to be taking some time off from my blog for the next couple weeks. I probably won't post again until after independence Day. Tonight my family is having a bonfire with S'mores. Yum! Goodbye for now, Mandalynn