Howdy! I'm on vacation in Florida, but just wanted to drop into my little blog and tell you about a neat pen pal giveaway with envelopes, stationary, and the like. You can check it out here. And yes, this is just for my benefit. 😆😉 Well, I need to do some more phone banking. (yes, even on … Continue reading Giveaway!


A Forgotten Letter

I had written this story originally for a contest, but unfortunately I wasn't able to send in my entry on time since our internet wasn't working. I figured since I spent all that time writing it I mine as well put in on my blog for you all to read. I hope you enjoy it. … Continue reading A Forgotten Letter


About a week ago it was raining and it inspired me to write this poem about rain. I'm not very good at writing poetry, but I  hope you like it!   Rain I can hear the pitter patter of the rain drops falling; it is a soothing tinkling sound like music. Rain I lie on … Continue reading Rain

Book Review

It is time for another book review, seeing as it has been awhile since my last one. Today we have, Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow, by Susan Campbell Bartoletti.   Hitler Youth tells the story of the Hitlerjugend, a paramilitary organization of children dedicated to furthering the aims of the Third Reich. Bartoletti … Continue reading Book Review