The New Blogger Award/Tag

Hello again! Liz nominated me for her blogger award/tag that she created. Thanks Liz! Here are the rules...  RULES:  Supply a link to the blog of the person who nominated you (check) Make sure to display the picture that says “The New Blogger Tag/Award,” and copy the rules into your post (check) You must tell why … Continue reading The New Blogger Award/Tag


The Girl That Waved

Maria Allan was thirteen, with light brown hair that reached a bit below her waist and hazel green eyes. She and her family lived in a small white house out among the rolling fields of Georgia. Not to faraway where she lived was an airport. Each day a dozen or more planes would fly by … Continue reading The Girl That Waved

Ella Rose

Hello there, Yesterday, my family and I went to the Right To Life March, at the Georgia capital. Amie did a wonderful post about it here. You definitely need to read it! Today, my sister Ella is guest posting. I hope you enjoy it!     HI! My name is Ella, and I`m Mandalynn’s 11 year old sister. … Continue reading Ella Rose

Baking Tips

Hello folks! Today, I have five things to do before you start a baking project. It’s been awhile since I posted anything about baking, so I thought it was time I did. Look for a special guest post on Saturday. 😉 Alright, now for the tips!   1. Read the recipe all the way through. If … Continue reading Baking Tips


The C.R.W is an acronym for Christ's Ready Writers. This is a writing magazine that I am on staff for. The editor is a friend of mine. She publishes the magazine every other month and I believe it has thirteen subscribers now! You can submit stories and poems you've written as long as you abide by the … Continue reading C.R.W