What I am Reading Currently

Today happens to be National Book Lovers Day! How did I not know there was such a day before?? What I really want to know is how everyone knows what national day it is. I just find out from blogs or reading books. I guess there is one every day, from Clean out Your Fridge Day, … Continue reading What I am Reading Currently


Peek into My Life #2

So, I was on hiatus longer than I had planned but I'm back and I will hopefully be posting more soon. My life is kind of full right now, but I'll try to squeeze blogging in. I was thinking of what to post about and decided to look through some pictures for an idea. Across the … Continue reading Peek into My Life #2


Hello again! Just a quick post to say I am going to be taking some time off from my blog for the next couple weeks. I probably won't post again until after independence Day. Tonight my family is having a bonfire with S'mores. Yum! Goodbye for now, Mandalynn