The Meaning of Blog

Have you ever wondered what the word blog comes from? Well, today I am going to tell you!

First off, the word blog means “web log”.

Web means website, and the log comes from the olden days, when sailors would tie a knotted rope around a log and throw it into the water then time how many knots go by for a set period of time. This was to determine how fast they were going, which is why nautical speed is still measured in knots. They would then write the information down in a book, which was so named the “log book”.

So, to put it plainly, a blog is basically you logging down some happening on the web. I hope this wasn’t too confusing and you learned something new.

Soli Deo gloria, Mandalynn

Random questions:

Do you like doing math?

Is it snowing at your house? It is here!




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