My Little Sister


I saw that Megan did an adorable post with her little sister some time ago so I decided to try it with my sister, Joyful. I typed the words down as she spoke, so It is quite funny, though sometimes you don’t really know what she is talking about and she changes the subject a lot.


M: What do you like to do?

J: Um, rollerblade.

M: What else do you like to do?

J: Little squeako *talks to my baby brother*

M: What else do you like to do?

J: Help! *picks up a straight pin* This was right here *shows me where it was* I won’t get hurt if I pick it up by the ball.

M: Joyful, what do you like to do??

J: I like to play with my kitty cat.

M: What kitty cat?

J: You know which one.

M: You don’t have any kitty cats.

J: The kitty I got for Christmas.

M:Oh, your stuffed hello kitty.

J: Yeah.

M: Okay, how many dolls do you have?

J: A bunch *starts counting* Five.

M: What are your dolls names? Like your boy doll?

J: You know.

M: No I don’t.

J: You know.

M: Tell me!

J: Duncan.

M: What are your other dolls names?

J: Applesauce, Cheeky, Bubbles, and Katie Rose.

M: Why are your dolls named Bubbles and Applesauce?

J: Because Bubbles can go in the water. I have two water dolls. (she actually has three.) And Applesauce has an apple on her dress and Cheeky has fat cheeks, but I have to find Cheeky sometime.

M: Who are your friends?

J: The ones that drove by our house in a car.

M: Who?

J: The ones we went in a parade with.

M: Oh, Katie.

J: Yes. Why didn’t mamma go in the parade?

M: Because she wanted to watch it.

J: But how did we get our mommy back? (what??)

M: What are some of your other friends?

J: The Woleslagles. Melody.

M: Do you like Charity too?

J: Yes, but Melody was at our house and took my tricycle and Ruth told her to get off but she just took it from me!

M: Um, I see. What is something you like?

J: I like Christmas and candy and cookies

M: Why do you like Christmas?

J: Because of the candy and cookies and presents and stockings. *abruptly changes subject* Maybe I can find all my dolls. That would be a lot of work.

M: What?

J: Finding all of the baby dolls.

M: Do you like to play outside?

J: Yeah.

M: Why do you like to play outside?

J: Because, to make houses and tunnels.

M: What tunnels?

J: With sticks. Just make up. Do you know what makeup is? You put it on your face. Right here. And you make tunnels and Christmas trees and all of kinds of stuff. Do you know the story that has bears and they have a house?

M: Oh, you mean the Goldilocks and the three bears story.

J: Yeah that one.

J: That’s all for now!

M: Okay. Bye Joyful. Thanks for being on my blog!

What did you think? Did you enjoy it?

Should I have more interviews/guest posts with my siblings?

Soli Deo gloria, Mandalynn




4 thoughts on “My Little Sister

  1. I know! She’s adorable! You should do it with Melody. Oh, Charity’s her friend, she was just more interested in talking about her woes of the tricycle being taken away. XD


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