The Ark Encounter

Okay, so for Christmas our big gift was that we got to go to the Ark Encounter. For those of you who don’t know what the Ark Encounter is, there is a ministry called Answers In Genesis. They built the Creation Museum ten years ago in northern Kentucky and then about two years ago they completed the mammoth task of constructing a full scale Noah’s ark (510 feet long) which is also in Kentucky. If you’ve never heard of Noah or the ark or anything like that, then go grab a bible and read about it in Genesis chapter six.

Anyway, we spent Christmas night with our cousins who live two and a half hours away from us, drove all day Tuesday, stayed up late that night playing games with the family we were staying with, and went to the Ark Encounter the next day. Thursday we went to the creation museum, then drove home and got to bed around twelve at night. We had a great time!

My cousin said I should post about it so here you go. I calculated there are about 40 pictures! This took a while so I hope you enjoy it!


Here we are talking at our cousins’ house. Notice the red pot? They always have fondue for Christmas dinner (not the chocolate kind.) You fill these special pots with oil, heat it up, and cook your food on little metal skewers. This is the third Christmas dinner we’ve had with them so it was pretty easy, but the first time we ever had it I was scared the oil was going to pop out and burn me. XD



Playing sushi Go; a game one of my sisters got for Christmas.


Waiting for my father to get the tickets for the Ark. It was ten degrees outside!


The inside of the Ark in miniature model


All the jars of water that they would have carried with them.


Don’t these people look real? It was sort of spooky when you got a close look at them. They looked like they might just get up and talk to you! It’s supposed to be Noah and his family praying on the ark.


Animals on the ark. They look quite real as well. This is some sort of dinosaur thing that is now extinct.


This reminds me of a strange looking seal. I can’t remember it’s name, but it is also extinct.


This is an azhdarchid. They grew to be as tall as giraffes. But that’s not all, they could fly! *shudders in fear* How would you like something as big as a giraffe flying above you? I sure am glad they’re extinct!


The littles 🙂



This is where we ate lunch.


My whole family loves fruit!


The fairy tale ark was one of my favorite exhibits. It talks about all the little kid Noah’s ark story books that people make, and how they don’t show what was really happening. How people were drowning, that God was judging the world, not that just some cute little animals were taking a ride in a boat.


Sorry, it’s a bit blurry.
Yikes! Really blurry! It is a show case of a few dozen unrealistic Noah’s ark books and cutesy little Noah’s ark toys that have been made.
Yep! Good stuff!



This is Noah. There was a screen with different questions you could press and he would answer them. This was my nine year old brother’s favorite part about the ark.





They recreated the living quarters to what it might have looked like on the ark.
A model of the tower of babel.




Break time. In case your wondering, that thing in my hand is a mini maze ball I got for Christmas.



My sister Miranda on the long walkway through the ark.


These little stuffed animals were in the  gift shop.




Isn’t he du cutest fing? (baby talk intended.)



Our souvenir. The box say that if you line up 1,020 of these 6 inch models it would be as long as the ark!




And there are the last of them. Sorry for the unprofessional pictures. They were all taken with a phone.

Happy New Year, Mandalynn

P.S. If you have ever heard of or been to the Ark Encounter or the Creation Museum, comment below. Also, comment and tell me if you want to see some pictures from our trip to the Creation Museum. I would have put them here but they are a whole post in and of themselves.

P.P.S. My sister Miranda just started a blog! You can check it out here.


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